Parlour Panther

Parlour Panther is a trio that could be defined as gorgeous grit rock. These queers work hard to bring you music that inspires your heart, while also pulsing through your limbs - with dynamic performance, electric guitar, synth, infectious dance grooves and powerful vocals in overlapping harmony.

Upcoming Shows:

GLAM FEST 2018, Vancouver BC, October 13th.

Past Shows:

Pre-Pride No Gold Star at XY w/ Jessica Benini & Parlour Panther, Vancouver BC, July 26th

Hootstock Festival, Forest Grove BC, July 27 - 29

ArtsWells Festival, Festival of All Things Art, Wells BC, Aug 3 - 6

Bulkley Valley Brewery, Smithers BC, Aug 10

Hazleton Hootenanny, Hazleton BC, Aug 17

The Wheelhouse Brewing, Prince Rupert BC, Aug 18

Rogue Arts Festival, Sunshine Coast BC, Aug 24 - 26

Ghostly Hounds, Staggers and Jaggs, Parlour Panther at the Wise Lounge, Vancouver BC, Aug 27

Fringe Bar, Vancouver BC, Sept 14