Parlour Panther

Parlour Panther is a trio that could be defined as gorgeous grit rock. These queers work hard to bring you music that inspires your heart, while also pulsing through your limbs - with dynamic performance, electric guitar, synth, infectious dance grooves and powerful vocals in overlapping harmony.

Parlour Panther makes gorgeous gritty rock with beautiful soundscapes, three-way soulful vocals, dark and dirty guitar riffs, and infectious pounding rhythms.
Lyrics of passion and fury, Parlour Panther shows you Queer love, female empowerment, and artist reflections of classism, truth and triumph.
Steph on guitar/vocals, Lee on synth/vocals and Charles on drums/vocals - the trio writes songs collaboratively and they have just released a full-length album "Hot Magic".

Band members:
stephanie hodgins - creator, vocal, electric guitar, producer, mixer, wizard.
lee newman - creator, vocal, synth, mastermind.
charles wesley - drums, vocal, prolific song contributor.

Steph records, produces and mixes all Parlour Panther music. 
You can reach Lee through our contact page for booking inquiries.