Parlour Panther

Parlour Panther is a trio that could be defined as gorgeous grit rock. These queers work hard to bring you music that inspires your heart, while also pulsing through your limbs - with dynamic performance, electric guitar, synth, infectious dance grooves and powerful vocals in overlapping harmony.

Gorgeous Gritty Rock - Parlour Panther designs a sonically rich atmosphere that is sexy, cool and queer. Their magnetic presence and undeniable craftsmanship will draw you in like a Siren song. This duo packs a punch - with multitasking at the forefront, they arrange a variety of textures. Parlour Panther’s provocative lyrical content is inspired by their own Queer love story and delivered in sensual harmony. 

Parlour Panther released their first full-length album “Hot Magic” in 2018 with rave reviews from The Georgia Straight, BeatRoute BC, Permanent Rain Press and CITR Radio. BeatRoute named it “Best of 2018 - Top 25 Local Vancouver Releases” saying “[Parlour Panther’s] lyrics are bold and the vocal delivery captivating. They’ve really put themselves in that rarified spot of creating something uniquely their own — inspirational and sexy.” Parlour Panther rocked this hot new album around BC at local venues and exciting festivals like ArtsWells, Khatsahlano, Rogue Arts, Woodstove, Vancouver Fringe, and more.

Looking ahead, the creative fire burns bright with this duo as they are now recording their 2nd full-length album set for 2020 release. Follow on social media platforms to catch their upcoming single and video release “Closer”.

You can stream and purchase Parlour Panther’s debut single “Arc-en-ciel”, their EP “Foreign Lust” and album “Hot Magic” on all listening platforms.