Parlour Panther

Parlour Panther is a trio that could be defined as gorgeous grit rock. These queers work hard to bring you music that inspires your heart, while also pulsing through your limbs - with dynamic performance, electric guitar, synth, infectious dance grooves and powerful vocals in overlapping harmony.

Parlour Panther makes gorgeous gritty rock with three-way soulful vocals, dark and dirty guitar riffs, and infectious pounding rhythms.

Parlour Panther released their full-length album "Hot Magic" in June and toured it all over BC at ArtsWells, MoM Festival, Rogue Arts, Khatsalano Festival, Vancouver Fringe Festival and more. 

Steph on guitar/vocals, Lee on synth/vocals and Charles on drums/vocals - the trio is based in Vancouver BC and currently writing new music for their next release.